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The Mapleson Cylinders - Program Notes

- Libretti
- NON-OPERATIC VOCAL SELECTIONS [Includes RealAudio Selections]
- Band 11

Band 11

Leo Stern: Printemps--Valse chantée excerpt: "Ah!" ... "Car je suis l'amour"

Suzanne Adams (s)

Metropolitan Opera Orchestra--Phillippe Flon

January 12, 1902

[Identified by snake; Glackens 73 gives "1902," month and date supplied from Metropolitan Opera Annals. ]

Composed by the singer's husband, this florid song sets a text by her colleague, the tenor Thomas Salignac. The song was published in three keys: "High Sop. in G." "Sop. or Tenor in F," and "Mezzo Sop. in E." Although Adams would seem to be a "High Sop.," we agreed with John Stratton that the recording sounds most convincing if pitched in F. Mapleson catches the closing phrases--mostly vocalise--of the first strain (in F), all of the second, beginning "Mais dans mon coeur" (in B), and the beginning of the transition back to F. The occasion was a Sunday-evening concert, in which the other soloists were Carrie Bridewell, Salignac, and Antonio Scotti.

Ah! pour fêter le printemps--ah!, le printemps!
Mais dans mon coeur
j'entends une voix qui m'enivre--
oui, j'entends dans mon coeur, ah!
j'entends une voix qui m'enivre,
une voix qui me dit,
qui me dit je t'attends!
Ah! viens, tu dois me suivre,
tu dois me suivre, ah!
car la nature entière
suit ma loi si legère, ah!
suit ma loi si legère!
Oui, viens a moi, viens a moi,
car je suis l'amour,
suis ma loi legère,
car je suis l'amour!

Ah! to celebrate spring--ah, spring!
But in my heart
I hear a voice that intoxicates me--
yes, I hear in my heart, ah!
I hear a voice that intoxicates me,
a voice that tells me,
that tells me I await you.
Ah, come, you must follow me,
you must follow me, ah!
for all of nature
is subject to my gentle laws, ah!
is subject to my gentle laws!
Yes, come to me, come to me,
for I am love,
obey my gentle laws,
for I am love!

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