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    				  				   Band 13 
				   Table of Contents      Verdi: ERNANI

The Mapleson Cylinders - Program Notes

- Libretti
- Band 14

Band 14

Saint-SaŽns: Danse Macabre --final section Metropolitan Opera Orchestra--Arturo Vigna (?) rehearsal for concert of January 3, 1904 (?)

[Our ascription is conjectural. At the same 1904 concert at which the Sylvia excerpt was played, the program lists the Danse Macabre. On the recording, however, just after the oboe imitation of the crowing cock, what sounds like a conductorial admonition is heard, suggesting that Mapleson may have recorded a rehearsal rather than the actual concert. This cylinder might also be related to the concert of March 2, 1902, at which Mapleson recorded the "Dance of the Hours" (see Side 12/Band 7) and a now-lost cylinder of Campanari singing Faure's "Charitť"; the conductor was Armando Seppilli. Although part of the Seltsam collection and thus presumably inventoried by Glackens and Bishop, Saint-SaŽns' work appears not to have been identified by them.]

The recording begins about eight measures before letter K in the score, and runs almost to the end of the piece.

    				  				   Band 13 
				   Table of Contents      Verdi: ERNANI