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    				  				   Band 3 
				   Table of Contents      Verdi: AIDA   [Includes RealAudio Selections]

The Mapleson Cylinders - Program Notes

- Libretti
- Band 4

Band 4

Act I: Sempre libera excerpt : "Amor, amor palpito" ... "dee volar il pen[sier]"

Marcella Sembrich (s), Violetta

Carlo Dani (t), Alfredo

Metropolitan Opera Orchestra--Luigi Mancinelli

February 27, 1903

[Glackens 67: "Feb. 27"; year deduced from Annals --and from two other Glackens listings for excerpts from the same performance, which give the year. One of those cylinders, described as "Splendid! clear all through. Applause and encore beginning 'follie,'" evidently followed this one, but has vanished; the other, of "Ah fors' lui," may be the cylinder from the Mapleson Music Library on Side 12/Band 6, although its playing speed is different.]

[Begin Page 39]

After Violetta's guests leave, she muses on the love Alfredo has offered, then rejects it in favor of her endless round of pleasure. From outside the window, she hears Alfredo singing of love.



Amor, amor palpito Simultaneous singing begins
dell'universo intero,

O! o amore! Simultaneous singing ends

misterioso, misterioso, altero,
croce, croce e delizia,
croce e delizia, delizia al cor.

Follie! follie! Ah!
gioir, gioir! Ah, si!
Sempre libera degg'io folleggiare
di gioia in gioia,
vo' che scorra il viver mio
pei sentieri del piacer.
Nasca il giorno, o il giorno muoja,
sempre lieta ne' ritrovi, ah! ah!
A deletti sempre nuovi dee volare
il mio pensier,
dee volar, dee volar, dee volar
il mio pensier,
dee volar, dee volar,
il pen[sier.]



Love, love is the heartbeat Simultaneous singing begins
of the universe,
of the whole universe,

Oh! Oh, love! Simultaneous singing ends

mysterious and proud,
a burden, a burden and a delight,
a burden and a delight, a delight to the heart.

Folly! Folly! Ah!
Enjoy! Enjoy! Ah, yes!
Ever free, I must go madly,
from one pleasure to the next,
I wish my life to run
through the paths of pleasure.
Whether day is dawning or dying,
always joyful I find it again,
to always new delights must fly
my thoughts,
must fly, must fly, must fly
my thoughts,
must fly, must fly
my thoughts.

    				  				   Band 3 
				   Table of Contents      Verdi: AIDA   [Includes RealAudio Selections]