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     SINGERS    Table of Contents     					  Albert Alvarez

The Mapleson Cylinders - Program Notes

- Artists
- The Artists -- with an index to their Mapleson recordings
- Suzanne Adams

Suzanne Adams


(1872-1953), American soprano from Cambridge, Massachusetts, studied singing in Paris with Mathilde Marchesi. Juliette was her debut role at the Paris Opéra in 1895, at Covent Garden in 1896, and at the Metropolitan on January 4, 1899. On the last of these occasions, the audience demanded a repeat of her Act I "Valse." Although Adams was listed as "Première Chanteuse" in the company pay books during her five seasons, in 1901-02 she was paid only 8,000 francs a month, or $7,680 for singing thirty-five times, including twenty-four performances of Marguerite, Mimì, Micaela, Juliette, the Infanta in Le Cid, and Marguerite in Huguenots. The same season, Emma Calvé commanded $74,440 for forty-one performances.

LE CID (Infanta): Side 3/Bands 5, 7, 8: Side 12/Band 5a(?)

FAUST (Marguerite): Side 1/Bands 4, 10

HUGUENOTS (Marguerite De Valois): Side 2/Bands 1, 3

Stern: Prïntemps: Side 4/Band 11

     SINGERS    Table of Contents     					  Albert Alvarez