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    					  Bernard Bégué 
				     Table of Contents     					  Robert Blass

The Mapleson Cylinders - Program Notes

- Artists
- The Artists -- with an index to their Mapleson recordings
- David Bispham

David Bispham


(1857-1921), American baritone from Philadelphia, made his Met debut as Beckmesser in Meistersinger on November 18, 1896, opposite Edouard De Reszke as Sachs, Jean De Reszke as Walther, and Eames as Eva. During 1902-03, the last of his five seasons with the company, Bispham sang Telramund, Iago, Wolfram, Kurvenal, the three Alberichs, Wotan in Walküre, Beckmesser, and Rudolf in Der Wald. At Sunday-night concerts, he performed some of his immense concert repertory. He was paid $20,000 for the season of forty-one performances of opera, three Sunday-night concerts, and fourteen outside engagements; this was almost double the salary of the Italian baritone Antonio Scotti.

TANNHÄUSER (Wolfram): Side 9/Band 4

WALKÜRE (Wotan): Side 10/Bands 8, 9

    					  Bernard Bégué 
				     Table of Contents     					  Robert Blass