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    				  				   Band 6 
				    [RealAudio available]  
				   Table of Contents      Mancinelli: ERO E LEANDRO

The Mapleson Cylinders - Program Notes

- Libretti
- Leoncavallo: PAGLIACCI [Includes RealAudio Selections]
- Band 7

Band 7

Act II: Chorus: "Di qua! di qua!" ... to entrance of Columbine

Metropolitan Opera Chorus & Orchestra--

Phillippe Flon

January 30, 1903

[Slip; Glackens 11.]

This choral passage follows shortly after the preceding. At the end, we hear the opening music of the play-within-the-play.



Di qua! di qua! Incominciate! Suvvia!
Perchè tardar? Spicciate, incominciate!
Perchè tardar? Suvvia questa commedia!
Facciam rumor, sì sì, facciam rumore!
Diggià, diggià, suonar ventitrè ore!
Facciam rumor! Facciam rumor!
Allo spettacolo ognun anela!
Ah! S'alza la tela!
Silenzio! Silenzio! Silenzio!
Olà! Olà! Olà!



You there! Up there! Begin!
Why delay? Hurry up, begin!
Why delay! Let's have this comedy!
Let's make noise, let's make noise!
Already seven o'clock has rung!
Let's make noise, let's make noise!
Everyone's eager for the show!
Ah! The curtain's going up!
Silence! Silence! Silence!
Hola! Hola! Hola! ( The curtain of the theater is drawn aside. Columbine is seated near a table; from time to time she looks anxiously at the door, then she rises, goes to look out the window, and returns, walking about restlessly. )

    				  				   Band 6 
				    [RealAudio available]  
				   Table of Contents      Mancinelli: ERO E LEANDRO