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    					  Lucienne Bréval 
				     Table of Contents     					  Alois Burgstaller

The Mapleson Cylinders - Program Notes

- Artists
- The Artists -- with an index to their Mapleson recordings
- Carrie Bridewell

Carrie Bridewell


(1880-1955), American contralto from Fort Gibson, Mississippi, sang opera in London, Dresden, Vienna, and Breslau. She sang four seasons at the Met for Maurice Grau, making her debut March 30, 1900, in the first Met performance of Mozart's The Magic Flute (sung in Italian), as the Third Lady, with Milka Ternina and Eugenia Mantelli as the first two. During her last season, 1902-03, she was heard as a shepherd in both Tannhäuser and Tosca, Siebel in Faust, Stephano in Roméo, Wellgunde in Rheingold and Götterdämmerung, Rossweisse in Walküre, Lola in Cavalleria, and the Third Lady. For forty-two performances of opera and five Sunday-night concerts, she was paid $1,810.05. After World War I, Bridewell had an extensive career as an actress on Broadway and, later, on television.

CAVALLERIA (Lola): Side 6/Bands 1, 3

TANNHÄUSER (Shepherd): Side 9/Band 3

WALKÜRE (Rossweisse): Side 10/Bands 5-8

    					  Lucienne Bréval 
				     Table of Contents     					  Alois Burgstaller