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     PIANO IMPROVISATIONS    Table of Contents     				  				   Band 10

The Mapleson Cylinders - Program Notes

- Libretti
- Band 9

Band 9

Improvisation on themes from Paderewski's Manru

Carl Müller, piano

March 1902 (?)

[By inference from Bands 11, 12, and the time frame of the Manru performances: Glackens 5 undated.]

Müller, who presumably worked on the musical preparation of the Manru performances, here improvises on two pieces from the opera. The first melody is that of Manru's aria from Act II, Scene 6. "Wie im Sonnenscheine kühler Winde Kosen" (which was recorded in Italian by Giuseppe Anselmi for Fonotipia a few years later, under the title "Come al sol cocente"); then he makes a transition to the "Gypsy March" from Act III, Scene 2.

     PIANO IMPROVISATIONS    Table of Contents     				  				   Band 10