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The Mapleson Cylinders - Program Notes

- Libretti
- Wagner: LOHENGRIN [Includes RealAudio Selections]
- Band 3

Band 3

Act I: Combat preparation excerpt: "Ist's Zauber, der mir angethan?" ... "Nun, König, ordne unsern Kampf!"

Georg Anthes (t), Lohengrin

Anton Van Rooy (b), Telramund

Metropolitan Opera Chorus & Orchestra--

Alfred Hertz

February 7, 1903

[Slip; Glackens 24?]

All wonder at the mysterious knight. His fellow nobles urge Telramund not to fight (most of this passage is cut in the performance). Preparations for the trial by combat go forward.



Miracol santo agl' occhi appar,
soave incanto oprò il Signor;
entro in mio petto sento balzar,
a quell'aspetto commosso il cor!

Nun hört! Euch, Volk und Edlen, mach' ich kund:
frei aller Schuld ist Elsa von Brabant!
Das falsch dein Klagen, Graf von Telramund.
durch Gottes Urtheil werd' es dir bekannt!

FOUR NOBLES ( to Telramund )
Steh' ab von Kampf!
Steh' ab von Kampf!

Viel lieber todt, als feig!
Welch' Zaubern dich auch hergeführt,
Fremdling, der mir so kühn erscheint,
dein stolzes Droh'n mich nimmer rührt,
da ich zu lügen nie vermeint:
den Kampf mit dir drum nehm' ich auf,
und hoffe Sieg nach Rechtes Lauf!

Nun, König, ord'ne unsern Kampf!



A holy miracle appears to our eyes,
the Lord has worked a gentle charm;
in my breast I feel a beating,
at this sight my heart is moved!

Now hear! To you, people and nobles, I proclaim:
free from all guilt is Elsa of Brabant!
That your charges are false, Count Telramund,
will be proved to you by God's judgement!

FOUR NOBLES ( to Telramund )
Withdraw from the combat!
Withdraw from the combat!

Much better dead than a coward!
Whatever sorcery has brought you here,
stranger of such bold aspect,
your proud threats do not trouble me,
for I have never stooped to lies:
therefore, I undertake battle with you,
and await victory as justice's due!

Now, King, arrange the battle!

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