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The Mapleson Cylinders - Program Notes

- Libretti
- Wagner: LOHENGRIN [Includes RealAudio Selections]
- Band 5

Band 5

Act I: King's Prayer excerpts:

(a) "Mein Herr und Gott" (opening lines)

(b) "Des Reinen Arm gieb Heldenkraft" end of Prayer

Robert Blass (bs), King

[other principals unidentified]

Metropolitan Opera Chorus & Orchestra--

Alfred Hertz (?)


[The speed of this cylinder doesn't match the remaining excerpts on this side, and in any case its brief overlap with Band 4 precludes an origin in the same performance. A Glackens cardboard marker numbered 110 was found in the otherwise unmarked box, and the cylinder matches the description of Glackens 110--but the notebook entry contains no date, though Blass is named. The sound quality seems to preclude 1901. Aside from February 7, 1903, Blass sang at the following performances of Lohengrin:

3/2/01 MacIntyre, Schumann-Heink, Van Dyck, Bertram/Damrosch

3/8/01 Ternina, Olitzka, J. De Reszke, Bertram/Damrosch

1/11/02 Ternina, Homer, Dippel, Mühlmann/Damrosch

3/1m/02 Ternina, Reuss-Belce, Von Bandrowski, Van Rooy/Damrosch

1/10m/03 Nordica, Schumann-Heink, Anthes, Bispham/Hertz

2/11/03 Gadski, Schumann-Heink, Anthes, Bispham/Hertz]

After recording the opening phrase of the King's Prayer, Mapleson stopped his machine and waited for the ensemble that continues it.



Mein Herr und Gott, nun ruf ich dich,
dass du dem Kampf zugegen sei'st!

Del puro addoppio, or tu il valor;
al reo, deh! togli e forza e cor.
L'o[rcaron]a è fatale, ci assisti, o ciel,
tu dell' inganno, tu squarcia il vel!
Del puro addoppio, ecc. ( During this choral strain, the principals voice their individual prayers. )



My Lord and God, I now call on you.
that you be present at this battle!

Give hero's strength to the virtuous arm,
drain power and courage from the false:
thus help us, God, in this fatal hour,
and draw away the veil of deceit
Give hero's strength, etc. ( During this choral strain, the principals voice their individual prayers. )

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