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The Mapleson Cylinders - Program Notes

- Libretti
- Wagner: LOHENGRIN [Includes RealAudio Selections]
- Band 6

Band 6

Act II: Ortrud-Elsa confrontation excerpt: "[ob] sein Geschlecht, sein Adel wohl bewährt?" ..."Nur er! Nur er! Dein Held allein!"

Johanna Gadski (s), Elsa

Luise Reuss-Belce (s), Ortrud

Metropolitan Opera Chorus & Orchestra--

Alfred Hertz

February 7, 1903

[Slip; Glackens 55.]

In the second act, Elsa takes pity on the banished Ortrud, Telramund's wife. But later, as Elsa proceeds to the Minster for her wedding, Ortrud blocks her way and casts aspersions on the swan knight's origins.



[Kannst du ihn nennen? Kannst du uns es sagen.
ob] sein Geschlecht, sein Adel wohl bewährt?
Woher die Fluthen ihn zu dir getragen,
wann und wohin er wieder von dir fährt?
Ha, nein! Wohl brächte ihm es schlimme Noth,
der kluge Held die Frage drum verbot.

Ah! parla il ver! e non paventa!
ed accusaro quel prode tenta!

Du Lästerin! Ruchlose Frau!
Hör! ob ich Antwort mir getrau'!
So rein und edel ist sein Wesen,
so tugendreich der hehre Mann,
dass nie des Unheils soll genesen,
wer seiner Sendung zweifeln kann!

È ver, è ver!

Hat nicht durch Gott im Kampf geschlagen
mein teurer Held den Gatten dein?
Nun sollt nach Recht ihr Alle sagen,
wer kann da nur der Reine sein!

È ver! Elsa ha ragion!



Can you name him? Can you tell us
if his lineage, his nobility are without stain?
From whence the waters brought him to you,
or when and where he will depart from you again?
Oh, no! It would surely bring him great distress,
which is why the clever knight has forbidden the question.

Ah, speak the truth, and do not fear!
This proud one dares to accuse!

You slanderer! Wicked woman!
Hear that I can answer truly!
So pure and noble is his being,
so virtuous is this fair man--
anyone who can doubt his mission
is ill beyond redemption!

It's true, it's true!

Did my dear hero not vanquish your husband
in battle, through God's power?
Now you all by right shall affirm
which of the two is the only pure one!

It's true! Elsa is right!

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