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    					  Edouard de Reszke 
				     Table of Contents     					  Andreas Dippel

The Mapleson Cylinders - Program Notes

- Artists
- The Artists -- with an index to their Mapleson recordings
- Jean de Reszke

Jean de Reszke


(1850-1925), Polish singer from Warsaw, was originally a baritone but became the great romantic tenor idol of the late nineteenth century. He made his New York debut as Roméo on the opening night, December 14, of the Met's 1891-92 season, with Eames as Juliette and his brother Edouard as Frère Laurent, following out-of-town performances in Chicago and Louisville. He quickly established a standard for musical and theatrical elegance by which his successors were persistently measured. He also became the most consistently well-paid singer at the Metropolitan Opera, receiving during the 1890s not only a salary, but a percentage of the gross receipts. During 1900-01, the last of his eight Met seasons. De Reskze surveyed many of the operas that secured his fame (see Side 10/Band 1). For thirty-two performances (an additional seven had been scheduled but cancelled because of illness), he was paid $73,728. On April 22, 1905, after his retirement, De Reszke is known to have recorded for Fonotipia in Paris two selections: "Salut, tombeau" from Roméo (record number 39000), and "O souverain" from Le Cid (39001). These fourteen-inch discs were advertised at the time in French journals; however, despite rumors of copies hidden in a Paris bank vault, a secluded Havana estate, or the collection of the British royal family, none has ever surfaced, and the only evidence surviving today of De Reszke's singing is found on the Mapleson cylinders.

AFRICAINE (Vasco Da Gama): Side 3/Bands 1, 3

LE CID (Rodrigue): Side 3/Band 6

HUGUENOTS (Raoul): Side 2/Bands 6-8

LOHENGRIN (Lohengrin): Side 10/Bands 1, 2

SIEGFRIED (Siegfried): Side 11/Bands 1, 3

TRISTAN (Tristan): Side 9/Band 5; Side 12/Bands 8, 9

    					  Edouard de Reszke 
				     Table of Contents     					  Andreas Dippel