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The Mapleson Cylinders - Program Notes

- Libretti
- Wagner: DIE WALKÜRE [Includes RealAudio Selections]
- Band 5

Band 5

Act III: Ride of the Valkyries excerpt : "[Ho]jotoho!" ... "Sind die And'ren schon da? Hojotoho! Hojotoho!"

Marie Van Cauteren (s), Gerhilde

Mathilde Bauermeister (s), Ortlinde

Camille Seygard (s), Helmwige

Marie Maurer (s), Grimgerde

Marguerite Marilly (s), Siegrune

Carrie Bridewell (ms), Rossweisse

Ernestine Schumann-Heink (a), Waltraute

Louise Homer (a), Schwertleite

Metropolitan Opera Orchestra--Alfred Hertz

February 21, 1903 (?)

This cylinder is found in a plain container dated "Feb. 21, 1903," but it overlaps with the undocumented Band 6, which on the basis of recording speed can be grouped with Bands 3 and 8, firmly documented for the same date. (It also overlaps with Band 7, which we ascribe to January 16, 1903.) Two hypotheses are possible to resolve the conflict: (1) this cylinder is in the wrong container, and actually stems from February 12, 1903, or from an earlier season; (2) the fact that Band 6 matches the speed of the other February 21 cylinders is coincidental, and it actually was recorded on February 12 or in an earlier season. Neither Band 5 or Band 6 matches the speed of Band 9, certainly recorded on February 12, so that doesn't help. In favor of the first hypothesis, one can note that this is one of the two cylinders Mapleson gave Seltsam at their first meeting, and, like the other one (the Queen's aria from Huguenots), it might have strayed from its proper container into another one. (This leaves a loose end, however: what was originally in the container dated "Feb. 21, 1903"? If it was Band 6--or the Ernani cylinder from the same date that doesn't have a marked container--the exchange must have taken place before the cylinders left Mapleson's hands, as both Band 6 and that Ernani cylinder belong to the Favia-Artsay group of cylinders, not the Seltsam collection.) In favor of the second hypothesis: the speed of Band 5 is quite close to that of the other February 21 cylinders; the sound of Band 6 is markedly fainter than the other two "Ride" recordings, and it thus might plausibly be relegated to 1902. With some diffidence, we adopt the second hypothesis.

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