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    				  				   Band 5 
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The Mapleson Cylinders - Program Notes

- Libretti
- Wagner: DIE WALKÜRE [Includes RealAudio Selections]
- Band 6

Band 6

Act III: Ride of the Valkyries excerpt : "[Die Stute stösst mir der] Hengst!" ... "Heiaha! Heiaha! [In Wald mit den Rossen]"

Marie Van Cauteren (s), Gerhilde

Mathilde Bauermeister (s), Ortlinde

Camille Seygard (s), Helmwige

Marie Maurer (s), Grimgerde

Marguerite Marilly (s), Siegrune

Carrie Bridewell (ms), Rossweisse

Ernestine Schumann-Heink (a), Waltraute

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Louise Homer (a), Schwertleite

Metropolitan Opera Orchestra--Alfred Hertz

February 12, 1903 (?)

[See discussion of Band 5 above. If this cylinder was recorded in 1902, the conductor would be Damrosch, and the following cast changes would be involved: on January 13, Scheff (Helmwige), Seygard (Grimgerde); on February 11, Maurer (Schwertleite), Isabelle Bouton (Grimgerde); on February 27 (matinee), Maurer (Grimgerde).]

    				  				   Band 5 
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