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    					  Aristide Masiero 
				     Table of Contents     					  Nellie Melba

The Mapleson Cylinders - Program Notes

- Artists
- The Artists -- with an index to their Mapleson recordings
- Marie Maurer

Marie Maurer


, contralto, made her Met debut as Magdalene in Meistersinger on January 24, 1902, opposite the Eva of Johanna Gadski. She had sung this and other important Wagner parts for Walter Damrosch in his 1895 season at the house. She did not have a contract in either of her two Met seasons, being listed in the paybooks for 1901-03 under "Artists Engaged for Extras." She was paid $25 each for her twelve Met performances -- Magdalene, one Erda in Siegfried, two Waltrautes, five Grimgerdes, and one Schwertleite in Walküre. For a Boston tour performance, she received an additional $25. Maurer appears to have been engaged for her more important roles when Ernestine Schumann-Heink was away from the company giving concerts.

WALKÜRE (Grimgerde): Side 10/Bands 5-8

    					  Aristide Masiero 
				     Table of Contents     					  Nellie Melba