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    				  				   Band 10 
				   Table of Contents      Wagner: SIEGFRIED

The Mapleson Cylinders - Program Notes

- Libretti
- Wagner: DIE WALKÜRE [Includes RealAudio Selections]
- Band 11

Band 11

Wagner: Kaisermarsch excerpts :

(a) from 2 measures after rehearsal number 7 to 5 measures after number 12

(b) from 2 measures before number 22 to the end of the piece

Metropolitan Opera Orchestra--Felix Mottl (?)

January 17, 1904 (?)

[The first of these two cylinders--obviously recorded over something else--is undocumented; the second is Glackens 18, the remainder of which is occupied by the Coppélia excerpt on Side 4/ Band 13. The Kaisermarsch was performed at several Sunday-night concerts during the Mapleson years. On January 4 and again on March 8 in 1903, Alfred Hertz conducted it, and the following year Felix Mottl played it on January 17. Because the Coppélia excerpt seems most likely to have been recorded in 1904, and because there is no firm evidence of Mapleson recording at Sunday-night concerts in 1903, the ascription to Mottl seems more probable. This would appear to be his only recording (aside from piano rolls).]

Dated March 15, 1871, the Kaisermarsch celebrates the Prussian victory over the French and the crowning of Wilhelm I as Emperor of Germany.

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    				  				   Band 10 
				   Table of Contents      Wagner: SIEGFRIED