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The Mapleson Cylinders - Program Notes

- Libretti
- Band 4

Band 4

Act I: Hammer Song excerpt: "Hoho! Hoho! Hohei! Schmiede, mein Hammer"..."Der frohen Funken [wie freu' ich mich]"

Andreas Dippel (t), Siegfried (?)

Albert Reiss (t), Mime (?)

Metropolitan Opera Orchestra--

Walter Damrosch (?)

March 4 (matinee), 1902 (?)

[Glackens 91, undated: "Sounds like Jean. Much clearer than any other of his and audible almost, all the way through." Despite the lack of any documentation, this cylinder was issued by the IRCC, on both 78 and LP, with an ascription to Jean De Reszke and Von Hübbenet. Our dating and ascription are conjectural; there is no diplomatic evidence, and no matching speed elsewhere among the Siegfried recordings. If Band 2 is Anthes and 1901 is again ruled out on the basis of sound quality, the possibilities are: Dippel on March 4 (matinee), 1902, or Burgstaller on February 14 (matinee) or February 24, 1903 (all with Reiss as Mime and--except for the 1902 performance led by Damrosch--with Hertz conducting; see the list under Band 2). At the suggestion of John Stratton, we have adopted the Dippel ascription.]

See Band 2 for synopsis and text.

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    				  				   Band 3 
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