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The Mapleson Cylinders - Program Notes

- Libretti
- Band 3

Band 3

Bizet: CARMEN--Act I: Habanera excerpt

Emma Calvé (s), Carmen

Metropolitan Opera Chorus & Orchestra--

Phillippe Flon


[Glackens 97: "Calvé Habanera," with no date. Flon conducted all of Calvé's Carmens; possible dates are December 30, 1901, and in 1902, January 10, February 1 (matinee), 12, 20 (matinee), and March 8. The speed matches neither of the other Carmen cylinders (see Side 4/Bands 1, 2).]

This cylinder contains one stanza (impossible to determine which one) of the "Habanera." At first, nothing is decipherable, but eventually the choral reprise of the opening strain can be faintly detected, and the choral interjections in the refrain ("Prends garde à toi!"--they do seem to be in French!) are fairly clear; towards the end, Calvé herself is also audible.

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