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The Mapleson Cylinders - Program Notes

- Artists
- The Artists -- with an index to their Mapleson recordings


Lionel Mapleson


(1865-1937), English music librarian from London, began his association with the Metropolitan Opera in 1889, as a violist in the orchestra. He soon became librarian for the company, drawing upon the enormous collection of scores and parts formed in England by his father and grandfather. During 1902-03, the last of his major years as opera's first pirate recordist, Mapleson was near the bottom of the Met's pay scale. His weekly salary was $48.20 and his employment included three preliminary weeks at half salary, twenty-two weeks for the season; there was a supplementary payment of $15 at the end of the season. His total pay for 1902-03 was $1,147.70. Mapleson remained with the Metropolitan until his death, probably the longest tenure of any individual in the company's history.

Announcements: Side 3/Band 4; Side 9/Band 2; Side 12/Band 11

Family recordings: Side 12/Band 12

Carl Müller

, pianist, was variously listed in the Met pay books as accompanist, chorus rehearser, and organist. With the company only during the Grau years, 1898 to 1903, he received his peak salary in 1902-03, his last; he was paid $200 per month plus $10 per outside concert, plus hotel expenses, adding up to $1,123.33 for a five-month season, omitting Holy Week.

Piano Improvisations: Side 7/Bands 9-12

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