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    					  Lionel Mapleson 
				     Table of Contents      Libretti

The Mapleson Cylinders - Program Notes

- Artists
- The Artists -- with an index to their Mapleson recordings
- Carl Müller

Carl Müller

, pianist, was variously listed in the Met pay books as accompanist, chorus rehearser, and organist. With the company only during the Grau years, 1898 to 1903, he received his peak salary in 1902-03, his last; he was paid $200 per month plus $10 per outside concert, plus hotel expenses, adding up to $1,123.33 for a five-month season, omitting Holy Week.

Piano Improvisations: Side 7/Bands 9-12

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    					  Lionel Mapleson 
				     Table of Contents      Libretti