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The Mapleson Cylinders - Program Notes

- Libretti
- Gounod: FAUST [Includes RealAudio Selections]
- Band 9

Band 9

Act V: Trio: "Anges purs" (verse 1) conclusion of Trio; encore: "Anges purs" (verse 3)..."à toi, pardonne!"

Nellie Melba (s), Marguerite (?)

Albert Saléza (t), Faust (?)

Pol Plançon (bs), Méphistophélès (?)

Metropolitan Opera Orchestra--Luigi Mancinelli(?)

March 28, 1901 (?)

[Our identification of this undocumented cylinder is conjectural. In the opinion of John Stratton and Philip L. Miller, the Marguerite is Melba (an assumption supported by the findings of Voiceprint Laboratories of Somerville, New Jersey, to whom we sent samples of an identical phrase from this cylinder and from Band 8, firmly ascribed to Melba). The following dates are possible:
1/4/01 Melba, J. & E. De Reszke/Mancinelli
2/26m/01 Melba, Saléza, E. De Reszke/Mancinelli
3/28/01 Melba, Saléza, Plançon/Mancinelli
(3/4/01 is excluded, because this cylinder overlaps with Band 8, definitely from that date.) Stratton and Miller incline to the March 28 cast--also the occasion on which Mapleson recorded Melba singing the "Jewel Song" (Band 2 above).

A cylinder from the New York Public Library group, this was transferred to a lacquer disc at the Library of Congress in February 1941. When John Stratton and David Hall examined the cylinders in early 1967, they found this one badly cracked, but not beyond re-assemblage. The first part of Band 9 is the result, comprising the complete trio. The encore is taken from the Library of Congress lacquer; despite the change in sound quality, we have maintained time continuity during the applause between the trio and the encore. The original cylinder, as far as it goes, is much superior in definition and tonal body to the lacquer transfer.]

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