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The Mapleson Cylinders - Program Notes

- Libretti
- Gounod: FAUST [Includes RealAudio Selections]
- Band 10

Band 10

Act V: Trio excerpt : "[Dieu bon, je suis à toi.] pardonne!" (verse 1) ... to conclusion of Trio

Suzanne Adams (s), Marguerite

Albert Alvarez (t), Faust

Edouard De Reszke (bs), Méphistophélès

Metropolitan Opera Orchestra--Luigi Mancinelli

February 4, 1903

[Slip; Glackens 63. At the end of this cylinder is found a fragment of the "Alleluia" from Le Cid (see Side 12/Band 5); the distortion of this recording may well arise from faulty erasure of that earlier one. To minimize a persistent tick, this cylinder was filtered narrowly.]

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    				  				   Band 9 
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