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The Mapleson Cylinders - Program Notes

- Libretti
- Gounod: FAUST [Includes RealAudio Selections]
- Band 11

Band 11

Act V: Trio and Apotheosis excerpts :

(a) "[Anges purs, anges] radieux" (verse 2) ... to end of Trio

(b) "Jugée! Sauvée!" ... "Christ est [ressuscité!]"

Emma Calvé (s), Marguerite

Andreas Dippel (t), Faust

Marcel Journet (bs), Méphistophélès

Metropolitan Opera Chorus and Orchestra--

Armando Seppilli

February 15, 1902

[Glackens 71: "Feb XX 1902," with "15?" inserted later. The only Faust performance during February 1902 took place on the 15th, and the speed matches Calvé's "Jewel Song" of the same date. Mapleson briefly stopped his machine after the Trio, resuming for the Apotheosis. On the first IRCC LP reissue, L-7006, the Marguerite of this recording was listed as Melba; the earlier 78 issue and the later LP are correctly attributed.]

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