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The Mapleson Cylinders - Program Notes

- Libretti
- Meyerbeer: LES HUGUENOTS
- Band 4

Band 4

Act IV: Bénédiction des poignards excerpt : "[Ana]thème sur eux!" ... "entre vos mains j'enga[ge]"

Marcel Journet (bs), St. Bris

Metropolitan Opera Chorus & Orchestra--

Phillippe Flon

February 24, 1902

[Slip: "good Huguenots"; Glackens 89.]

In the next scene, the Catholics have planned a wholesale massacre of the Huguenots and their leaders. Three monks are present to bless their swords, and the company swears allegiance to the cause. These two cylinders overlap slightly; the chorus is clearly singing in Italian (the Ricordi translation), as presumably are the two basses, though their few lines are not clear enough to be certain of this.

    				  				   Band 3 
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