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The Mapleson Cylinders - Program Notes Table of Contents      The Disc Edition of The Mapleson Cylinders

The Mapleson Cylinders - Program Notes

- Acknowledgements -- The Mapleson Cylinder Project

The Mapleson Cylinder Project

The good counsel and good will of many colleagues and friends contributed to the completion of this project, beginning with Philip L. Miller, long-time friend and counselor, who played a major role in obtaining the Mapleson cylinders known to exist as of 1962. The guidance and prodding of John Stratton, whose scholarly work on the cylinders stands as a model of its kind, was essential in bringing the entire transfer project to fruition. Tom Owen, present Sound Engineer at the Rodgers and Hammerstein Archives, with the assistance of colleagues, was solely responsible for the design and implementation of the playback apparatus and the final carrying-out of the Mapleson cylinder project in its audio-technical phases. The transfer project and the subsequent disc publication was carried out with funds provided by the Rhode Island Corporation and Francis Goelet.

The work of John Stratton and Ira Glackens provided the historical background to the cylinders, which was the foundation for my own researches. George Laviolette of Bridgeport, Connecticut, and Glendon R. Good, of Tolland, Massachusetts, were longtime associates of William H. Seltsam, and he bequeathed to them the effects of the International Record Collectors' Club; they must be named among the prime contributors, as must Ira Glackens of Shepherdstown, West Virginia, and Mrs. Ada Favia-Artsay of Valhalla, New York. Likewise, the correspondence and newspaper clipping files of The New York Public Library proved indispensable. Last and very far from least, a special word of gratitude goes to Lionel Mapleson's son Alfred John Mapleson and to his son, Peter J. Mapleson, of Lindenhurst, New York, whose willingness to let me peruse the Lionel Mapleson diaries added not only essential information, but also a special flavor of authenticity.

If one were to pick a group of individuals to whom the Mapleson cylinder project should be dedicated, the choice would be, first, to the memory of Lionel Mapleson, whose imagination and enthusiasm led him, perhaps unwittingly, to a major pioneer accomplishment in the annals of recorded sound in the days of its infancy; to the late G. Lauder Greenway and to Philip L. Miller, who is still among us, for their efforts toward assembling a research collection of the extant cylinders; and to William H. Seltsam who, through the International Record Collectors' Club, pioneered the first major effort to get the Mapleson cylinders before the public.

David Hall

The Mapleson Cylinders - Program Notes Table of Contents      The Disc Edition of The Mapleson Cylinders