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    				  				   Band 5 
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The Mapleson Cylinders - Program Notes

- Libretti
- Massenet: LE CID
- Band 6

Band 6

Act I: O noble lame excerpt . "Pendant les injustes querelles" ... "qu'il regarde vers moi!"

Jean De Reszke (t), Rodrigue

Lucienne Bréval (s), Chimène

Nellie Melba (s), L'Infante

Eugene Sizès (b), Le Roi

Pol Plançon (bs), Le Comte De Gormás

Edouard De Reszke (bs), Don Diègue

Metropolitan Opera Chorus and Orchestra--

Luigi Mancinelli

January 19 (matinee), 1901

[Snake on container.]



O noble [ Band 5 begins → ] lame étincelante
pure comme un regard d'enfant,
combats gardienne vigilante
et fais l'honneur triomphant!
[ Band 6 begins → ] Pendant les injustes querelles
reste immobile à mon coté,
mais sois de flamme et prend des ailes
pour l'Espagne et la liberté!

Pendant les injustes querelles, etc.

À saint Jacques de Compostelle,
j'ai voué ma foi;
il me verra toujours à sa cause fidèle,
quand je l'invoquerai, [ ← Band 5 ends ]
qu'il regarde vers mio! [ ← Band 6 ends ]



Oh! blade that shines in splendor bright
as stars that glitter in the night
or childhood's eyes, my guardian be,
that I may naught but honor see!
Remain sheathed in unjust fight,
but always ready for the right;
spring from thy scabbard swift and free
for Spain and for her liberty!

Remain sheathed. etc.

To Saint James of Compostela.
I have vowed my faith;
he will find me always true to his cause,
when I invoke him.
may he look down upon me!

    				  				   Band 5 
				   Table of Contents     				  				   Band 7