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    				  				   Band 6 
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The Mapleson Cylinders - Program Notes

- Libretti
- Massenet: LE CID
- Band 7

Band 7

Act I: O noble lame excerpt : "[combats gardienne] vigilante" ... "Gloire à Saint Jacques le Majeur!"

Albert Alvarez (t), Rodrigue

Lucienne Bréval (s), Chimène

Suzanne Adams (s), L'Infante

Charles Gilibert (b), Le Roi

Marcel Journet (bs), Le Comte De Gormas

Edouard De Reszke (bs), Don Diègue

Metropolitan Opera Chorus and Orchestra--

Phillippe Flon

February 19 or March 4, 1902 (?)

[Slip, not certainly in LM's hand: "Chorus End of Act I Le Cid organ," but no date. Ascription conjectural, on the grounds that it sounds much too good to have been recorded in 1901, and that the tenor sounds like the authenticated Alvarez on Band 5.]

    				  				   Band 6 
				   Table of Contents     				  				   Band 8