Guide to the Research Collections

- Section -- II: -- THE HUMANITIES
- 20 -- GENERAL LITERATURE -- (Including the Berg Collection and the Arents Collection of Books in Parts)


The library attempts to acquire in its original language every work collected. For major literary figures and writers of nonfiction used in literary studies it acquires the principal English translations, not only because modes of translation change, but also because each translator, consciously or unconsciously, brings to the translation a style of his own. A variant-language edition of a work already in the library is usually added if the variant is (1) in the original language of the work, or (2) in English, or (3) in a language more appropriate for reference use than the edition already in the collection, such as a translation from Finnish into German, or (4) when the translation has significant literary, historical, ideological, or critical interest. The single exception in literature is that made for dramatic texts: the

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library's holdings in this field are of such strength and depth that these are collected exhaustively.