Guide to the Research Collections

- Section -- II: -- THE HUMANITIES


The extensive Art and Architecture Division catalog is intended to locate material pertinent to its subjects regardless of location in the Research Libraries. It contains some 500,000 references by author, editor, and subject; title entries are rare. Works on art printed in the Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, and Cyrillic alphabets are included, regardless of whether the book is located in the Art and Architecture Division. Works located elsewhere can be found through the catalog; for example, works on the history of a region which appear only under place name in the Public Catalog

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often have references under "Art," "Architecture," or "Monuments" in the Art Division catalog.

For periodicals literature the division catalog and files must be used in conjunction with the Art Index for currently published periodicals indexed there. The Répertoire d'art et d'archéologic also provides references to a wide selection of art periodicals and, in addition, includes those of historical, literary, and archaeological societies, a large percentage of which are in the library, although not necessarily in the Art and Architecture Division. Back files of many of these periodicals, up to the point of their inclusion in published indexes, have been indexed by the library into the Art and Architecture Division catalog.

The following special indexes and files index only information not to be found in published sources such as Art Index.

Card Files

Inside File

This file is an index to illustrations and textual material in fields which concern the division (active, limited, 115 drawers). The field of interest is inclusive. It is primarily a subject file, with such entries as "Children--Costume:" "Costume;" "Fashion Designers;" and "Saints" (by name). Miscellaneous information found in sources to which there is no routine approach is included. Many reproductions of artists' works are indexed by name.

Architecture File

In this index to illustrations and textual materials on architects and buildings the cards for illustrations of buildings are grouped by classes (Clubs, Hotels, Public Buildings, etc.) (active, limited, 27 drawers). The file is kept up to date for certain often-requested information and for the specifically emphasized materials on architects and buildings of New York.

Vertical Files

Artists' Files

A collection of clippings about artists, architects, art collectors, and other persons prominent in the art world, this file includes obituaries, reproductions, sales records, and biographical information (active, 157 large file trays). The material is sourced. The file supplements book and other cataloged material entered in the Art Division catalog and includes thousands of persons not indexed elsewhere.

Museums, Art Organizations, Galleries File

In this file are collected ephemera (announcements, prospectuses, news releases, etc.) pertaining to museums, galleries, and other art organizations (active, 16 trays). The file is primarily for United States organizations, with coverage of selected foreign institutions. Outdated material is periodically discarded.

Vertical File

The file could equally be called semi-moribund or active (4 trays). Where it is active or of any value lies in the retention of certain topical materials, such as the peace symbol and current art movements, cases where there is public interest but few or fugitive sources of information.


A collection of mounted miscellaneous clippings with such titles as "Costume," "Homer [Winslow Homer]," "Jewelry," "Mythological Subjects," and "Stairways" (inactive since 1946, 600 scrapbooks). About 50 of the scrapbooks have the subject title "Costume" with appropriate subtitles added. There is an index to the scrapbooks for the use of the division staff.