Guide to the Research Collections



The majority of cards in the dictionary catalog of the Economic and Public Affairs Division duplicate those prepared for the Public Catalog. A small percentage of cards, however, represent selective indexing by subject of articles in journals, and are present only in the division. The division is the center for information on the government publications in the collections of the library. (The terms "government publication" and "public document" are used interchangeably in this Guide. ) The key to these extensive holdings is the division's Catalog of Government Publications, certainly one of the most important of its kind in the world.1 A fuller description of the catalog is found in chapter 36.

The special indexes and files of the Economic and Public Affairs Division are:

Censuses Index

A card index of recent official census publications on population, housing, agriculture, business, etc. (active, 2 card drawers). The cards are arranged alphabetically under country, listing publications ordered or in process.

Directories Index

An index to the directories in the Research Libraries of interest to the Economic and Public Affairs Division, arranged under such broad subjects as banks and banking, commerce, labor, securities (active, 9 card drawers). The information given for each title includes the issues available in the library and the library classmark.

General Newspaper Clippings and Pamphlet File

A file of current pamphlets and newspaper clippings (active, 32 vertical file trays). Subject headings generally follow those used in the Public Affairs Information Service Bulletin.

Government Reports by Popular Names

A finding list on cards arranged by name of chairman or other identifying term for reports of official committees and commissions of the United States and other governments (active, 1 card drawer). An entry such as "Beveridge Report" represents the catalog entry "Gt. Britain. Interdepartmental committee on social insurance and allied services. Report. 1942."

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Index of Current United States Congressional Committee Prints

As there is no convenient finding list for Congressional "committee prints," the Economic and Public Affairs Division assigns numbers to them as they are received and files them accordingly in a vertical file (active, 2 file trays). The number of any item in this temporary location is found by referring to a card file where the prints are listed first by committee and then alphabetically by title. After each Congress, the prints receive regular cataloging and are added to the permanent collections.

Market Surveys Vertical File

Current market surveys are arranged by subject in this file under such headings as "Market Surveys--Automobile Ownership," "Market Surveys--Boston" (active, 3 file trays).

Periodicals File

A listing on cards of the periodicals currently received in the Economic and Public Affairs Division arranged by country of origin (active, 3 card drawers). In cases where many periodicals are received from a single country there is a subdivision by subject.

Reference Questions File

A card file made up of information found in answering reference questions and stored for future use (active, 2 card drawers). It is arranged alphabetically under general subjects.

Soils Survey Index

A geographical index, using a state-county approach, to the U.S. Soils Bureau's Field Operations (1899-1922) and to the U.S. Plant Industry Bureau's Soil Surveys from 1923 to the late 1950s (inactive, 1 card drawer).