Guide to the Research Collections



The collection is strong in the history of advertising, with standard works by such writers as Henry Rush Boss, Edgar Robert Jones, Frank Spencer Presbrey, Henry Sampson, and Playsted Wood, and the reminiscences of Leo Burnett, Claude C. Hopkins, Albert D. Lasker, David Ogilvy, James Webb Young, and others. Documentary materials for the study of actual advertisements go back to the seventeenth century with files of The London Gazette and The Athenian Mercury9 and continue to the present; useful for a study of the second decade of the century is a Collection of Advertising Pages from American Magazines, the contents coming from such periodicals as American Magazine, Century, Harper's, Literary Digest, Review of Reviews, Scribner's, and Woman's Home Companion for the years 1911 to 1921.

General materials include the publications of such organizations as the American Marketing Association, Advertising Council, Advertising Federation of America, Advertising Research Foundation, and Association of National Advertisers. Also present are the proceedings and other publications of the American Association of Advertising Agencies. Numerous texts cover the basic and advanced theory of advertising (including case materials), as well as advertising psychology. An interesting group consists of more than 800 titles on advertising individual products and services; for example, alcoholic drinks, automobiles, banks, drugs, hotels and restaurants, libraries, petroleum, and the tourist industry.

Periodical resources are also strong; basic titles such as Advertising Agency, Journal of Marketing, Mediascope, Printers' Ink, and Tide are complete, as are many serving special segments of the profession, such as Journal of Retailing, Reporter of Direct Mail Advertising, and Sponsor. Currently the Research Libraries subscribe to 84 periodicals in the field, including titles from Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany, and the Netherlands, and to such services as Leading National Advertisers, Standard Rate and Data, and the Standard Directory of Advertisers.

The Research Libraries collect all kinds of general consumer market surveys made by newspapers, magazines, and other media, but subscribe to only some of the specialized services offered by firms which undertake market analysis research. Current issues of some general surveys are housed in the Vertical File of the Economic and Public Affairs Division; a selection of useful but superseded studies is retained and added to the cataloged collection.