Guide to the Research Collections



A good collection of bibliographies and indexes includes not only such tools as Education Index and British Education Index, but many bibliographies issued by the United States Office of Education. The Public Catalog lists a total of more than 200 bibliographies for the field.

The more important periodicals in the English language are generally complete and include Catholic Educational Review, Educational Forum, Educational Record, Harvard Educational Review, Jewish Education, Journal of Educational Sociology, Journal of Experimental Education, Peabody Journal of Education, Review of Educational Research, School and Society, and Teachers College Record. There are some state journals of education, but relatively few foreign titles. The Research Libraries currently receive more than 100 periodicals in the field.

Holdings of the publications of major associations are good. The Public Catalog contains about 500 entries for the National Education Association, including titles from its departments of Adult Education, Audio-Visual Instruction, Business Education, and Classroom Teachers, and its Research Division; also represented are various commissions, committees, and projects. There are about 400 entries for the American Council on Education, embracing its reports and surveys of individual institutions, such series as "American Youth Commission," and titles prepared by special committees and commissions. About 1,300 entries represent publications of the United States Office of Education. In addition to the Report of the Commissioner since 1867, the collection contains the Directory, and Biennial Survey in a complete run. Files of the Circular and Bulletin lack relatively few numbers. There are many miscellaneous publications. Examples of other organizations whose publications are held include Kappa Delta pi and Phi Delta Kappa, as well as the World Confederation of Organizations of the Teaching Profession.

Administrative reports of ministries and departments of education form an important feature of the collection. The file for most American states is extensive, although not necessarily complete; in some cases few recent issues are present. British Commonwealth and Latin American countries are also well represented, but with more numerous lacunae in the files. For most other countries holdings are weak, with few reports for foreign political subdivisions such as provinces or states.

Reports of the boards of education of American cities are held in strength. The library no longer attempts to maintain files from cities with populations of less than 250,000 (with the exception

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of those in the metropolitan New York area), although the collection contains many late nineteenth-and early twentieth-century reports from smaller communities. Minutes and proceedings of boards of education are generally available only for the largest cities (e.g., New York. Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Cincinnati, St. Louis). Perhaps a dozen Canadian cities and an equal number in other commonwealth countries are represented by reports.