Guide to the Research Collections



In accordance with its policy of building resources on education for persons not served by traditional school systems, the Research Libraries have strong holdings on industrial and technical education, adult education, and education of the culturally disadvantaged and physically handicapped.

The Public Catalog contains about 3,400 entries under the heading "Education, Industrial and Technical", a sizeable number of these relate to individual institutions in various countries (e.g., Denmark, France, Great Britain, Greece, Mexico, and the United States). There is a considerable amount of material on the German Technische Hochschule.

Specialized resources on adult education include long runs of such periodicals as International Journal of Adult and Youth Education, Continuous Learning, and Journal of Adult Education. There are about 700 entries in the Public Catalog, many of them dealing with adult education in individual American localities and in foreign countries having active movements (e.g., Finland, Germany, Great Britain, India, Poland, the Soviet Union, and Sweden). Catalogs and other publications from American institutions offering extension and home-study courses are present. Long files of periodicals greatly strengthen the collection of material on the Chautauqua Institution and the Chautauqua system. There are early files of the Chatauquan Daily (from 1876), Weekly, and Quarterly; while the sets lack some numbers, they are very extensive. The gifts of Arthur E. Bestor in 1934 (1,477 items) and Rebecca Richmond in 1948 substantially enlarged the holdings of Chautauqua materials.

The Manuscripts and Archives Division houses material from two organizations in the field of adult education: the correspondence of the American Association for Adult Education (1939-40); and the records of The People's Institute, including general correspondence, scrapbooks of clippings and memorabilia, financial records, and printed programs and publications (1883-1932; 36 linear feet). Another relevant group consists of 16 boxes and 2 volumes of the letters, lectures, sermons, notebooks, and scrapbooks (1886-1917) of Henry Marcus Leipziger, long associated with the New York City Board of Education.

The Research Libraries have made special efforts to collect in the field of education for the culturally disadvantaged. This includes material on such topics as prejudice in education, intergroup relations, and the treatment of foreign peoples and cultures in textbooks. Related to this are more than 100 publications listed in the Public Catalog under the heading "Discrimination in Education, Racial and Religious."

Education of certain minority groups receives good coverage. For the topic as it relates to black Americans are such serial publications as Expanding Opportunities and Journal of Negro Education, and the catalogs, reports, and other publications of such individual Negro schools and colleges as Hampton and Tuskegee Institutes. The Public Catalog has approximately 75 entries for works by and about Booker T. Washington. General works on the education of American Indians

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(about 200 entries in the Public Catalog) include both monographs and serial titles, some of which are complete from the first issue ( Indian Education and Journal of American Indian Education ). An interesting group of publications, including several eighteenth-century imprints, deals with Eleaza Wheelock's Indian Charity School in Lebanon, Connecticut; with the Indian Industrial School in Carlisle, Pennsylvania; and with various other special schools for Indians.

The most significant feature of holdings on the education of the physically handicapped consists of the reports of institutions and associations, foreign as well as domestic, which work with these groups. The period from the late nineteenth century to World War II is best covered, although the file of reports from the Perkins School is complete from 1832 and that from the American Printing House for the Blind from 1869 (with some gaps). While the majority of these reports come from individual institutions in various states, there is some representation from foreign countries, including Australia, Argentina, Canada, China, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, and Sweden. Files of specialized periodicals such as The New Beacon, American Annals of the Deaf, and Volta Review are generally complete. Two interesting groups deserve mention: a number of publications on Frenchmen handicapped as a result of injuries received in the two World Wars; and approximately 50 publications by and about Helen Keller, including translations of several titles into French and German. An unusual item in the Rare Book Division is a copy of the autobiographical Midstream (1929), with the author's inscription to Mrs. Andrew Carnegie and the autograph of Anne Sullivan Macy.