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- WORLD WAR I, 1914-1918
- Periodicals


Pictorial weeklies and other pictorial publications issued at intervals form a substantial group. There is a bound file of l'Illustration for the war

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years. The Illustrated London News published the weekly Illustrated War News, and the New-Yorker Staats-Zeitung published the weekly Kriegs-Album, which was entirely pictorial. The War Illustrated contains, in addition to photographs and drawings, articles on aspects of the war. Wachtfeuer, Berlin, features caricatures. No adequate index to this material exists.

The nonpictorial serials are of varying sorts. The Deutsche Warschauer Zeitung, a German periodical published in Poland, presented propaganda as news. In England, the weekly The Great War contained news and illustrations and in Germany Der grosse Krieg; ein Chronik von Tag zu Tag furnished similar war coverage. La Grande guerre: la vie en Lorraine covered a limited region. To these may be added the illustrated supplement of Der Tag (1914-19).

 Pages d'histoire, with its monthly reprint of "Les communiqués officiels" and a semi-annual "Chronologie de la guerre," resembles the weekly review but contains, in addition, feature articles by scholars, military authorities, and others. Pages actuelles is devoted mainly to philosophical studies of social and political problems arising in the war, while periodicals such as Les Archives de la guerre and Das Forum are essentially literary, although not fictional. Serials of which each number generally contained a monograph include Collezione italiana di diari, memorie, studi e documenti per servire alla storia della guerra del mondo, Der deutsche Krieg, and Le pagine dell' ora. Periodicals containing retrospective studies which arrive at adjusted viewpoints include Kriegsschuldfrage and Revue d'histoire de la guerre mondiale; discussion of the causes of the war forms a substantial part of the content, and the contributions are international.

Index entries for important periodical articles on the war appear in the Public Catalog.