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This collection, which includes studies in ichthyology, technical material on fish culture, and works on fishing as an industry, has some strong points. At present only bibliographies, serial government reports, books dealing with whales and whaling, and materials on the economic development of the fish resources of the world are collected comprehensively; but earlier periodicals and society publications on the general subject are useful for a study of the history of world fish and fishing. Two checklists of publications on fishes and fisheries, published by the library in 1899 and 1909, are of historical interest.1

Approximately 100 periodical titles appear in the Public Catalog under the heading "Fisheries --Periodical and Society Publications," of which some 30 are currently published and received. Among these are the Dansk Fiskeritidende (1904- ), World Fishing (1952- ), and the AFZ: allgemeine Fischwirtschaftszeitung (1957- ). Abstracts of articles in serial publications may be found in reference works such as Commercial Fisheries Abstracts (1952- ) and World Fisheries Abstracts (1950- ). As a depository institution, the library holds substantially complete runs of publications related to fishing sponsored by the governments of the United States and Canada, as well as the United Nations. The publications of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations are equally well represented, as are those of fishery bureaus in the United States and other nations. The Economic and Public Affairs Division maintains complete runs of the statistical publications of such agencies.

The collection of books and pamphlets from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries is more than adequate. As already noted, historical materials constitute a feature of considerable interest; among these are rare and significant titles such as Ippolito Salviani's Aquatilium animalium Historiae (1554), Francis Willughby's De historia piscium (1686), and Peter Artedi's Ichthyologia (1738).

Certain specialized categories within the broad subject of fish and fisheries deserve more detailed attention. In 1937, Miss Caroline C. and Miss Louise DeForest Haynes gave a collection of over 100 rare works on the salmon, in memory of their brother William DeForest Haynes. The resources on whales and whaling include a number of accounts of whaling voyages, mostly of the nineteenth century, including one in verse. Charles Murphey's A Journal of a Whaling Voyage on Board Ship Dauphin (1877). Manuscripts in the Manuscripts and Archives Division include the logbooks of the whalers Adeline (1834-37), Petrel (1866-68; 1871-72), and Greyhound (1887-92).

Various other portions of this Guide discuss material related to fish and fisheries. Perhaps the most important is the collection on fishing as a sport (see chapter 41, "Sports and Games"), which contains a notable representation of Isaac Walton. Other resources are present in the rich collection of publications of scientific expeditions (see chapter 56, "Natural History"), and the extensive series of academy and learned society publications (see chapter 6, "Learned Societies and Museum Publications").

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