Guide to the Research Collections



This listing provides locations (as of April 1975) for units of the New York Public Library whose collections are discussed in this Guide; it will be revised in any subsequent reprintings. Since the location of several of these units may be changed in the future, users of the library's collections should check current directories.

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 Building Room or Floor
Central Building: Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street
The Research Libraries
Humanities and Social Sciences Research Center
American History Division315A
Art and Architecture Division313
Economic and Public Affairs Division228
General Research and Humanities Division315
Information Desk315
Main Reading Room315M
Periodicals Section108
Public Catalog315
Jewish Division84
Local History and Genealogy Division315G
Map Division117
Oriental Division219
Slavonic Division217
Stack Maintenance and Delivery Division
 Works in the Stacks are requested in (See also Annex) 315
Microform Reading Room315M
Science and Technology Research Center121
Special Collections
Arents Collections (Arents Collection of Books in Parts; Arents Tobacco Collection)324
Berg Collection of English and American Literature320
Manuscripts and Archives Division319
Prints Division308
Rare Book Division303
Spencer Collection of Illustrated Books and Manuscripts and Fine Bindings324
Preparation Services ("Reference Catalog" class mark)
 Reference works available to the public may be requested in Room 315
Central Serial Record ( consult librarian in any public division )
The Branch Libraries
Literature and Language Department, Mid-Manhattan Library78 and 80
(See also Mid-Manhattan Library, 8 East 40th Street)
Picture Collection73
Annex, The Research Libraries: 521 West 43rd Street
Stack Maintenance and Delivery Division
Newspaper Collection
Patents Collection
(See also Central Building)
 Works shelved in the Annex are listed in the Public Catalog in Room 315, which should be consulted before any visit to the Annex.
Library & Museum of the Performing Arts, The New York Public Library at Lincoln Center: 111 Amsterdam Avenue
The Research Libraries
Performing Arts Research Center3rd Floor
Dance Collection
Music Division
Americana Collection
Special Collections
Toscanini Memorial Archives
Rodgers and Hammerstein Archives of Recorded Sound
Theatre Collection
The Branch Libraries
General Library of the Performing Arts1st and 2nd Floors
Shelby Cullom Davis Museum of the Performing Arts
Children's Library2nd Floor
Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, The Research Libraries: 103 West 135th Street
Donnell Library Center, The Branch Libraries: 20 West 53rd Street
Central Children's Room2nd Floor
Mid-Manhattan Library, The Branch Libraries: 8 East 40th Street
General Reference Service4th Floor
History and Social Science
Department5th Floor
Science Department4th Floor
(See also Literature and Language Department, Mid-Manhattan Library, Rooms 78 and 80, Central Building)

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