Guide to the Research Collections



This is an index to primary descriptions of resources; it is alphabetized word by word. Passing references and items cited as examples are not indexed, nor are titles or authors unless the library has particularly large and significant collections relating to them or a work of exceptional rarity or research value. The Public Catalog and the dictionary catalogs (see the first Appendix) must be used for titles and authors or for further subject research.

Numbers refer to pages. For an overview of the arrangement of the chapters devoted to divisions of the library or to subject areas, the table of contents should be consulted first. For extensive research, particularly for materials acquired before 1940, the index to Karl Brown's Guide to the Reference Collections of The New York Public Library (1941) should be consulted.

The index entries are primarily to specific subjects in which the library has significant holdings, to divisions and administrative Collections, to collections and gifts housed within an administrative unit (indexed by last name of donor and/or by subject), and, selectively, to forms of materials (photographs, cigarette cards, etc.). In this index the subheading "guides" under a subject refers to catalogs, indexes, files, and other research tools for the library's own holdings; the page references under the main entry are to descriptions of the resources themselves. "Serials" used as a subheading refers to newspapers, periodicals, society publications, etc. The subheading "govt. publications," refers to public documents, gazettes, etc. "Papers" refers to correspondence, records, original documents, and other manuscript or archival material.

Italic page references under a division or major subject refer to the main section of the book describing that division or subject and its resources; significant references to other parts of the book are in roman. For the most part, however, the more specific subject and location are indexed. For example, manuscripts from the Philippines, which are housed in the Manuscripts and Archives Division, some of them in its Rich collection, are described in the Oriental resources chapter; they are indexed only under "Rich collection" and "Philippines: manuscripts."