Guide to the Research Collections



Arabic Catalog

A card catalog arranged alphabetically by title, in Arabic characters, of the Arabic books in the division (active, 4,200 cards). The books represented by these cards are also entered in the regular catalog of the division, but under author and subject rather than title.

Bibliographie Papyrologique Index

Issued by the Fondation Égyptologique Reine Elisabeth, Brussels, this is a card index to published materials in the field of papyrology (active, 5,500 cards). It begins with the year 1938, and is an alphabetical listing by main entry, useful not only for Oriental materials but also as a catalog of studies in Greek and Latin papyrology.

Chinese Author Information Cards

Published by the Oriental Society of Hanover, Massachusetts, these cards give a condensed biography and list of works of Chinese authors of all periods (1 card drawer). The text is in Chinese, although authors' names are given in Wade-Giles transliteration. The cards are filed by name of author.

Chinese Catalog

A card catalog of the Chinese books in the division arranged by number of strokes in the first Chinese character of the main entry (active, 2,400 cards). The cards are filed, within the total stroke number, alphabetically according to the romanized form of the main entry (Wade-Giles system). The titles are indicated in Chinese characters and in transliteration; at one time an English translation of the title was also given, but this has been discontinued.

Illustration Catalog

A card catalog, arranged alphabetically by subject, of the illustrations of interest to the division located in books and pamphlets shelved in the division and in other parts of the library (inactive, 6,000 cards).

Persia Bibliography

An unfinished bibliography on cards, arranged alphabetically by author, of material in the Oriental Division and elsewhere in the library relating to Persia (inactive, 3,000 cards).

Persian Art Index

An unfinished bibliography on cards, arranged alphabetically by author, of material on Persian art found in the library's collections (inactive, 500 cards).

Portrait Index

An index on cards, arranged alphabetically by subject, to portraits of interest in the Oriental Division in books and pamplets shelved in the division and elsewhere (inactive, 1,100 cards).

PL-480 Materials Catalog

A card index by main entry of the material received from Oriental countries under the PL-480 program (active, 30,000 cards). Each card bears a code number which is marked on the materials as a finding aid.

The card catalog of the Oriental Division has been published in book form in 16 volumes by G.K. Hall & Company (Boston, 1960).