Guide to the Research Collections

- Section -- II: -- THE HUMANITIES


Three collections totalling 10,700 volumes are prominent in this resource area of the Research Libraries: temperance, dueling, and war and peace.


The temperance holdings number some 4,000 volumes. Most aspects of this subject are collected on a selective basis; only bibliography, history, and items relating to the Prohibition Party are collected comprehensively.

Entries in the Public Catalog provide such categories as lectures, addresses, and sermons; biblical arguments for temperance; fiction, drama, poetry; and songs and music related to the subject. The periodical holdings are of importance, numbering some 450 titles, mostly from the nineteenth century. The Research Libraries currently receive some 15 titles from six countries, including American Issue (1926, 1928- ), Canadian Forward (1927- ), and the Finnish Alkoholikysmys (1954- ). The files of the Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union and the Anti-Saloon League Yearbook, are substantially complete. Timothy Shay Arthur's classic Ten Nights in a Bar-room (1854) is in the Rare Book Division; a copy of Walt Whitman's Franklin Evans; or the Inebriate (1842) in original wrappers is in the Berg Collection.

The James Black temperance collection presented by the National Temperance Society in 1917 has an unusual range of historical materials, including a number of scarce pamphlets. The society added to the gift in 1941 with a further large collection consisting of 357 volumes, 538 pamphlets, about 3,000 separate periodicals, 51 post cards, and 15 framed portraits of former presidents of the society.

Several collections in the Manuscripts and Archives Division relate to temperance. Most prominent are 8 boxes of correspondence of Mary Hannah Hunt, educator and temperance reformer of Massachusetts, covering the years of her service with the International Woman's Christian Temperance Union, 1890 to 1906. The archive also includes the correspondence and papers of the Scientific Temperance Federation of Boston during the years 1906 to 1918. Other material on temperance is in the Malone theatre collection, in the Smith family papers of Peterboro. New York (especially in the papers of Gerrit Smith), and in the Cyrus Williams papers.


A collection of over 500 volumes ranges from titles of the sixteenth century, including the works of Andrea Alciati and Girolamo Muzio, to the present. The library continues to collect comprehensively in this area. Of note are seventeenth-to nineteenth-century volumes of ordinances, court decisions, laws, and proclamations against dueling in England, Europe, Mexico, and Argentina. There are no related manuscripts.

War and Peace

The holdings include a large collection of books, as well as extensive files of periodicals and serial publications of organizations promoting peace, both American and foreign. Among the periodical holdings are such items as Noah Worcester's Friend of Peace (1815-27), World Affairs [ Advocate of Peace, etc.] (1854- , incomplete), and the year books and annual reports of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (1911- ). More than 50 international periodical titles are currently received, including Survival (London, 1959- ), Journal of Peace Research (Oslo, 1964- ), and Baris DŁnyasi (Istanbul, 1962- ). A substantial proportion of the book material bears on the first and second International Peace Conferences at The Hague in 1899 and 1907, and on the Paris Peace Conference

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of 1919. Material on conscientious objectors and other subjects related to war and peace is also collected in depth by the Research Libraries. Handbills and other fugitive materials are acquired when available, and housed in the ephemera collection of the Rare Book Division.

In the Manuscripts and Archives Division the Women's Peace Union papers in 9 boxes contain correspondence, publicity material, petitions to Congress, and minutes for the period 1920 to 1941. In addition, the selected papers of Carrie Chapman Catt, lecturer and American woman suffrage leader, are concerned with peace, particularly for the period 1913 to 1941. Items from the Norman Thomas papers cover peace activities from 1905 onward. The feminist, peace, and world government movements of modern times are substantially documented in manuscripts and in printed matter in the Schwimmer-Lloyd Collection of 1,777 boxes and 420 linear feet of material. Included are the correspondence and papers of Rosika Schwimmer (1877-1948), Hungarian feminist and pacifist, and Lola Maverick Lloyd (1875-1944), American suffragist and pacifist. Files include those of the Ford Peace Expedition and Neutral Conference, the International Committee for Immediate Mediation, and the Campaign for World Government. The collection is multilingual with correspondence and printed matter in English, German, Hungarian, and other languages; access was restricted until January 1, 1974.3

Cruelty to Animals

The catalog entry "Animals--Treatment" locates materials which include many periodical and society publications from the early nineteenth century to the present. Seven current periodical runs include the National Humane Review (1913- ).